White privilege is nothing more than an over-inflated buzzword in today’s entitled society. Many will read this and scoff or immediately bellow their disdain for the prior statement without ever reading any further. It seems that’s exactly the type of closed-minded attitude that leads to the bigoted opinions we disapprove of in the first place.

Here’s the thing. You can’t talk about white privilege without talking about racism. Every cultural group has experienced and practiced racism both currently and throughout history. Anyone who says otherwise is simply naïve or lying. I’m not approving of racism or speaking of individual people, but racism has touched every color group as a whole. It’s like a hungry little monster that feeds on hate and the more it’s fed, the more it grows.  I personally believe that people should be judged on the merits of their actions and their personalities alone – but that’s not the society we live in. People are different. We must acknowledge this and deal with it, without feeding that hungry monster.

Racism is a bias and a state of mind that must be consciously practiced. It is not caused by this so-called white privilege. There is no imaginary silver platter full of benefits that comes with being born white. Society has been sold a bill of goods about white privilege and they have bought it hook, line and sinker. We have been spoon-fed a plateful of crap that epitomizes the modern-day ‘all-about-me’ mentality and the masses have jumped on the bandwagon. They are convinced that white people are afforded more professional and economic opportunities in America simply because of their skin color. This ideology is further reinforced by the notion that white people are either subconsciously unaware and doomed to repeat the privileged cycle or completely aware and eternally biased against all other races. Under this theology, white people are either prejudice or stupid and there is no middle ground. Isn’t that racist?

The social conglomerate thinks white people easily navigate their personal and professional biospheres because of some imaginary birthright advantage afforded by fair skin. That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard! Let’s unpack this a little. The 1990 census shows us that nearly 30 years ago, white people (not Hispanic origin) made up 74.6 percent of America’s population. Of course, public spaces and goods were geared more toward the white population because they made up a large majority. The lack of black ‘flesh-colored band aids’ and a smaller subsection of ‘ethnic hair care products’ is not a systemic attempt to keep white people in power, it’s a simple rendition of catering to the masses. It’s called free market, not racism. Its large companies selling to the majority before the evolution of segmentation and target marketing. That’s all.

White people do not need to apologize for being born white. We are long removed from slavery and being white is not a shameful thing. White people do not owe anybody anything. This fanaticism of cultural correctness isn’t economic justice. It’s an elaborate fantasy. Our country was built on the core principal that all men are created equal and endowed by certain unalienable rights, as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Sure, racism still exists but not the way people think. The profound social economists of the nation would have you believe that a great social divide exists between whites and non-whites because of white privilege. Not true – it exists because of the rhetoric and the hatred that people propagate.

People take offense when they see a white-heavy board room of executives. They push the notion that these positions were handed off from their fair-skinned predecessors while squawking about white privilege. What white privilege? Is it the privilege of a better job or a better school? Is it the privilege of more promotions in the workplace? Higher pay? Better food? No! It’s flesh colored band-aids and the ability to move easily through personal and professional environments. Is that really all you’ve got?

A white-heavy workforce couldn’t possibly have anything to do with population majority or education, could it? Hmmm. We already know that a large part of the American population was comprised of white people just a few decades ago based on the 1990 census. According to a report published by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, white people accounted for over 60 percent of two-and-four year college degrees just ten years ago while black students graduated at a rate of 38 percent. The disparity was larger in the year 2000. Now before you go off the deep end, keep in mind that college enrollment rates differed by only five percentage points for whites and blacks during the same time periods. This shows the opportunity was nearly equal regardless of disparity in graduation rates. It’s always been my experience that a college degree is a pre-requisite for an executive position. That’s not white privilege, it’s statistics based on education. The law of averages always wins.

White privilege is not iron law racism brought on by white forefathers. That paranoid fever needs to break. A group of white men in a position of authority does not constitute white privilege. It constitutes a large majority of the population aging through their time. As of 2019, less than 60 percent of the American population is white according to Geoscape. Furthermore, less than half of all children ages 15 and younger are white. They say Generation Z is the most racially diverse group yet. This is great news for that massive bunch of xenophobes who spend their time trying to convince the rest of us they’ve been done wrong by white privilege. Rest easy, my friends. As the population shifts, so to do the focus of public goods and spaces.

Have you ever seen a white man walk into a food stamp office to ask for help? It’s almost laughable. People assume he’s lost, on drugs or there to rob the place. White men who actually identify as white don’t qualify for financial aid. It’s always assumed that they should be able to get a good paying job. If they can’t, they must not be trying hard enough. Never mind that modern companies operating in today’s hyper-sensitive society are more interested in hiring for diversity than merit. In fact, over 50 percent of senior level managers admit that promoting diversity affects the performance reviews they give subordinates. Now, I’m all for diversity but the color of someone’s skin should never play a role in the hiring and promotion process. Call me crazy. Today’s organizations are more interested in patting each other on the back for displaying a colorful labor force than anything else.

Retailers who cater to blacks or Hispanics are considered diverse but those who intentionally cater to the white community are considered racist. Why is that? White people aren’t bad. They’re part of the population. Minority and women owned companies enjoy reduced tax liability, federal and state incentives and increased profitability. This is automatic and across the board. How does that constitute white privilege? White people can move comfortably through their professional biospheres as long as they can foot the bill and keep their mouth shut. Heaven forbid they protest unfair treatment. Then the stigma of white privilege turns into racism.

There will always be some idiot who thinks he’s racially superior because of his corrupt ideology. People are offended because they want to be offended. The concept of white privilege is a political tactic designed to serve the entitlement mindset. We need to stop arguing over what type of racism actually exists or is more prominent than the next. Racism is racism, plain and simple. None of it is new or prolific. This notion of blame has got to stop. I’m so sick of people throwing around the phrase ‘white privilege’ and apologizing for the color of their skin. They’re being blinded by the concept of cultural correctness.

Here’s a nasty little tidbit for you. Not everyone is entitled to the same things! That may make some people angry but it’s true. Those who work harder are entitled to more, regardless of color. Life isn’t fair. There will never be a truly balanced diversity in society. One group will always be the majority. Whites were first because the original 13 colonies were established by a large group of white Puritans. The numbers of the population are shifting as diversity grows and civilization is reflecting those changes. Those frenzied voices on the entitlement trend shouting about white privilege can take comfort knowing that the white majority is coming to an end. As the white population shrinks to the new minority, will they then be entitled to benefits and programs aimed at minority populations? Probably not.

In the meantime, people need to stop weaponizing race and using white privilege as an entitlement steppingstone. People should be proud of the color they are, even if they’re white. White people are worthy of more than being hated. Believe it or not, they may even possess the intelligence to operate without bias. The whole thing is ridiculous. The entire white privilege saga is a beyond the pale racist theory that is detached from reality. This is America and everyone has the same opportunities. White privilege does not exist, only inequality. It’s just a buzzword.