bluntly magazineis a Chicago literary magazine that speaks unapologetically about culture at large. We provide space for perspectives that have been shouted down, fostering candid and audacious writing that defies the noise our everyday lives. bluntly magazine​, examines cultural shifts through the dissection of its objects – film, music, and literature – as well as through honest storytelling and in-depth dialogue on the topics that move us most. We seek to amplify a diverse range of voices on the eminent issues of our cultural evolution – wherever a strong and shameless stance is needed, bluntly magazine is at the frontlines.

   We are currently seeking ​personal essays​ and cultural commentary​. We will accept submissions on any topic so long as it adheres to the core principles of the magazine: we do not publish news pieces, but we are seeking analyses of current events as they pertain to larger cultural trends.

   Make a strong argument, don’t be afraid to ruffle some feathers; be bold in opinion and analysis. Write your pitch in a way that both shows off your talent, and matches the subject you’re writing about.

Your Pitch Should include:

An introduction, a strong headline that grabs attention and summarizes the article. An outline of the story idea, and why you feel it would be important to the readers.

We prefer submissions within the 800min to 2000 word range, but are open to longer works from the right writer on the right topic—or when it pertains to short stories.

Thank you

team bluntly

You can Submit here

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