There’s a right way and a wrong way to do things no matter what side of the political party you’re on. There’s even middle ground, where people can just agree to disagree. It’s not so much that I’m a huge Trump fan, although we have had much worse in the oval office (even recently). However, I support his principals and I am not alone – not by a long shot. There are many of us who silently celebrate President Trump’s professional accomplishments and wins over those out to destroy him. Deep down inside we are grateful for the morality that he represents, the likes of which haven’t been seen in the White House for many years. We must celebrate silently because left wing extremists have made it not only unpopular but down-right dangerous to voice any opposing views. They scream from the roof tops that Trump is dividing the country while publicly urging people to stalk, harass and openly practice moral disdain for anyone opposing their personal beliefs.

President Trump demonstrates moral decency and tries to spread it through the great political swamp.  Yeah, I said it. Trump is decent. He’s not the political boogie man! I support his agenda – and so do a lot of other people. We are people of all races, religions, backgrounds and moral values. Yes, we all support him because he puts America first. Deep down inside we all want the same things. We support the right to bear arms. We believe the men and women who serve in our military and our police forces deserve the utmost respect for the sacrifices they make and the jobs they do. We want a safe place for our children to go to school. We like that unemployment is at an all-time low and our country is respected again because of the man in the White House. These are the things President Trump stands for and strives for – and we like it!

President Trump is not for sale. He does what he thinks is right deep down inside, just like a lot of us hard working Americans. The social and political puppeteers can’t control him with their money, and it scares the hell out of them. They can’t stand the fact that the White House was taken by an up and coming who has no puppet strings. He has no fear and no remorse for the way he makes them look. They call him a dictator because he refuses to take their orders. They are scared to death they’ll be exposed. Many of the duly elected officials in Washington are about to get caught with both hands in the cookie jar and they just can’t let that happen. What are they really trying to hide? Hmmm, puzzling.

Now I’m typically not one for politics but there has been so much propaganda since the election, it’s been hard to ignore. Political mudslinging would be an understatement. I feel like I’ve been in the middle of an American circle jerk since 2016 and I’m getting dizzy. People should be ashamed of themselves. This is not what our founding fathers had in mind! Trump’s main campaign promise was to drain the swamp and he seems to be succeeding. So much so that the opposition can’t help but conjure a rhetoric which makes any Trump supporter a terrible person in the eyes of public opinion. They are grasping at straws.

I am a Christian, a Republican and yes – a middle aged white woman. Gasp! Still, I am appalled at the behavior of the media, many elected officials and even Hollywood. I represent the quiet grassroots movement that nobody’s counting on in 2020. I represent not only the people who grew so weary of watching the country crumble that we elected a businessman to run it, but I also represent the silent majority who think he’s doing a pretty damn good job! I stand with those who are sick and tired of working our fingers to the bone and still getting railroaded by high tax rates, a weak shaky market and nothing to show for it. It’s a movement alright. We are united by truth, justice, the rule of law, free market and the man that can make it happen – President Trump. Here’s what we see when you pull the blanket off and expose things for what they are.

First, the opposition underestimated President Trump assuming he’d hang himself almost immediately after taking office. They took him for granted, assuming he was just some lowly businessman who couldn’t possibly do their political jobs. They looked down their nose at him the same way they do the American people. They count on our ignorance knowing that most of use are too busy trying to put food on the table to fool with such matters. They know the American people have always been led to believe that news reporting must be based on credible sources that have been checked and double checked. Apparently, that’s not the case anymore.

Well, President Trump didn’t hang himself. Uh-oh. Quietly the talk of the Russian probe began to take shape. Then it overtook every newspaper headline and news station’s lead story. There is stayed for three years and four major investigations costing American taxpayers at least $40 million dollars. Still, no charges were filed against the man they are fighting so hard to oust from the White House. Do you think the American people got an apology from any political representative for wasting $40 million that certainly could have been better spent on say education, climate change or the war on drugs? Of course not!! Did they pledge to make wiser choices going forward? No way! This is the kind of stuff we are sick of!

Then came the Trump Dossier which was a shameful joke at best. It wasn’t based on credible sources, quietly contributed by someone who truly had our country’s best interest at heart. It was purchased by the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign. Go figure! The entire time they were screaming about Presidential collusion with Russia while the Clinton campaign itself was working with a Russian lawyer who came to the US, overstayed her visa and did not register as a foreign national. They were spying and trying to dig up dirt on a sitting President. Why does it seem like only a handful of people have a problem with that? It seems like that because that’s the way it was reported in the media. When this Russian lawyer accidentally dug up juicy dirt on Clinton Foundation Donors and submitted a four-page summary of her findings, it was quietly hidden away. I don’t remember seeing any news reporting on that.

Now, I know I’m just a hard-working American woman looking in but that whole thing seems largely hypocritical to me. The left ruthlessly attacked the President of the United States and accused him of doing exactly what they did. They demonstrate the same behavior trying to incite panic in the American people over climate change. They use fear and ignorance to their advantage, preaching this climate change message about the world ending while crisscrossing the country on private jets. They lecture Americans on their diets and propose a meat tax to make it unaffordable to the average family while grilling over 10,000 steaks for voters at the Polk County Democratic Steak Fry in Iowa. Yes, they have placed their trust in the ignorance of the American people, and it has not been well placed.

photo credit, evan vucci AP

Those of us who do support President Trump must still do so in silence for fear of backlash thanks to elected officials who urge and condone aggressive confrontations with those who oppose Democratic views. This was made vividly apparent by their mob-justice mentality urging public supporters to deny service to Trump Cabinet members who try to dine in restaurants, shop at department stores or even get gas. Unfortunately, simply denying service doesn’t seem like enough. The public has been urged to harass Cabinet members in public and at home until the left gets what it wants. This is a far cry from the justice system that was put in place by our forefathers. It’s also known as bullying. This is the type of behavior that we discourage in our children and yet our leaders practice it. As supporters on the left follow this advice, they continue to bellow that Trump incites violence. How does that happen?

Then came ANTIFA, more mass shootings and sanctuary cities. Somehow, it’s all Trumps fault according to the opposition. I assure you that if President Trump were involved, there would be no ANTIFA and no sanctuary cities. That much, I know. Now we’ve got the whole Ukraine scandal and yet another sorry attempt to oust a sitting president simply because they don’t like him. Certain parties forgot to publicize that they all but started impeachment proceedings before the transcripts were even released. And how many millions more have been wasted that could be better served elsewhere in our great nation or the global economy?

Enough! Us regular hard-working folks are done! These people don’t care anything about putting America first or taking care of the typical hard-working American. They have deep pockets and they want to keep them full – that’s their priority. Greed and hatred are the cornerstone of their campaigns, no matter what they say. Actions do speak louder than words and they have given us quite a demonstration. If they run their political campaigns based on biased opinions and hatred, are we really to believe they’ll do a better job running the nation? I think not!

Yes, there is a movement, my friends. It’s a slow, methodical and matter of fact type of movement. I for one have had my fill of the negative rhetoric. Many of us have. We see what President Trump has accomplished even in the face of massive adversity. Money, hatred, political mudslinging and public persecution have not stopped him from doing a bang-up job taking care of the hard-working people who make up our great nation. He truly puts America first, no matter what is reported. President Trump is strong, and he is the most transparent president we’ve had in a very long time. He does have support. This is not a new movement and its not a loud movement but it’s sweeping the nation like the quiet breeze over the cornfields in Iowa right behind that big steak grilling party.