One is either in the Joe Rogan or Ben Shapiro camp when it comes to the issue of marijuana. And I mean on every aspect of the marijuana debate; it may be a more black or white conversation than American politics. Where are the individuals who are in grey? 

Marijuana is either a gift from Zion itself, or is cultivated by Beelzebub.

I am sure there is an existing marijuana middle ground, however, either they don’t exist or are the least vocal camp in history. I swear, the marijuana discussion is so dishonest and the dishonesty comes from both camps.

Marijuana is not a gift from alien gods; it is a plant, a drug, something that has good and bad effects. Marijuana is not a perfect substance, there is no such thing. There are potential negative effects, and actual negative effects to marijuana use. Are they major negatives? That is up for debate, but to put it simply, you are dangerously over-hyping a substance.

Those who think marijuana is the devil’s lettuce, relax, alcohol is probably a more dangerous substance than marijuana. There are reasonable concerns to marijuana use, but it will not destroy the nation or homes. Being honest, even the most anti-marijuana person will admit marijuana does have medical use and should be legalized medically. The legitimate debate is if it should be decriminalized and made legal recreationally, which it has in 10 US states.

I am not saying one cannot be biased when discussing marijuana. Hell, I’m the most biased moron I know. Nor am I saying you should change your stance on marijuana; I’m just pointing out a trend in the manner in which humans discuss marijuana, and it appears to be tribalistic in a sense.

Are there individuals who don’t fully support legalizing weed recreationally, but would support decriminalization?

What about someone who hates pot and thinks it is poison, but wants to end the drug war, so he votes to make recreational weed legal in his state?

Could conjure up more scenarios, and I am certain individuals of this breed exist, but they sure are silent as hell.