“The whole world is a stage.”…Shakespeare

Drama queens have a starring role in too many men’s lives.

I can’t quite figure it out.

But it seems to me, that the crazier and more demanding a chick seems to be, the more men she has wrapped around her ring finger!

Think I‘m trippin‘?  Check it out for yourself. I don’t care if she’s featured on Dr. Phil Show, Maury Povich, The Housewives of Atlanta or Jerry Springer, if she’s rude, crude, has plenty of attitude (and booty), she’s like a man magnet!

Even in real life, the verdict is in.

There’s strangely something in a lot of guy’s “wiring” that says that the more difficult a female is, the more desirable she becomes!


Take for example, my good friend (we’ll call him Barry).

Barry is fine. He’s college educated, hardworking, and has the body of a Greek God. Yet, he spends his time tortured over a woman who’s apparently sleeping with him, while bedding her ex-boyfriend!

She’s making Barry crazy, and like Lay’s Potato chips, he can’t get enough of her!


Hollywood headlines mimic the same.  If a woman’s in rehab, unstable, drinks excessively, hits all the wild parties, poses nude, spreads her love around,  curses like a sailor, or has a reputation for being a real “witch“, men want to be on her list!   Go figure.

What is it that makes guys’ testosterone surge when confronted with women with loose screws or loose morals?

Are “hotties” with bodies their only criteria?


Meanwhile, females who seem to be more settled, simple and sane, spend Friday nights at home alone. Unless of course you count the time they spend with Ben and Jerry (ice cream) or Bartles & James (booze).

Since when did being kind become a deficit rather than a plus?

Men often complain that women don’t dig “nice guys”, but it seems to me that many of the opposite sex view “nice” girls in the same negative light.

In fact, this phenomenon has become so widely spread, that it‘s addressed in a book by Sherry Argov actually entitled “WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES.”

In the book, the author contends that some women are too nice (labeling them as “doormats“), and further gives relationship strategies to add a little intensity to the mix!

Most of us like a challenge.  That goes without saying.  But how much drama is too much?  And what separates a drama queen from a woman who’s simply a challenge?



  • Whether it’s with her baby’s daddy, a neighbor next door, or the guy she works with, there’s always some controversy brewing and she’s typically the common denominator.
  • Everything is always about her. She craves attention.
  • She’s high maintenance emotionally.
  • This “diva” doesn’t believe in compromise. It’s her way or the highway!
  • She overreacts to most things and has no problem “letting her hair down”, even in public.



I once heard a comedian say that he was no longer choosing women based solely upon aesthetic appeal and all the pretty “packaging.”

Because quite often, (he contends), that when you open it up, it’s mostly nuts!

That’s definitely some food for thought….